Bericht von unserem Austauschstudenten, Ben:

When I spent my exchange semester in Munich, I went down to the Olympic Schwimhalle to try out some new art of sports, which I had never done before. I was so nervous before my first training, because I had not got any idea what to do with underwater hockey, how they play it, how good and recipient they are. Every training started with a theoretical session, where Daniel explained some rules to the newbies. By Februar, Jakob kindly invited me to a professional tournament to Kranj, Slovenia, which I accepted immediately.

A a mixed 7-player-squad, we travelled to Kranj, where we faced against other teams, mostly from Central Europe. The Hungarians, the Swiss, the Czechs, the Serbians, the Slovenian, the Croatians were also there. The teams were drew in 2 groups, one with 6 teams, the other one with 5. The best 3 teams from each group qualified to the winner stage, while the others got to the loser stage. In the group stage we played two close games, scored a few times, but unfortunately we lost all of the games. In the loser stage, finally, we earned our first victory, we beat the Czech Woman Team and played a very close game with the Croatians. Finally we finished on the 10th place.

I am so glad that I scored my first tournament goals. The whole experience, I havee earned in this semester was very useful, I really enjoyed my time with these guys both inside and outside the pool. After every training session, I felt myself more and more comfortable under the water, so I decided to continue playing at home as well. In Kranj, I contacted one of the Hungarian players, and now I am training with them here in Budapest. I really hope in the near future we can see each other in a competition again.